History & The Castle of Udine

On the first Sunday of the month many museums around Udine are free so half a dozen of us exchange students took the opportunity to wander through the castle that overlooks our town of Udine.


Trieste – Castles, Markets and Pubs

My exchange program took us out to Trieste for the day. We caught the train for nearly two hours in the morning and met our tour guide at the other end. A bus ride later we were at the edge of the Adriatic Sea, gazing across at Slovenia and the tip of Croatia. Down a walkway that hugged the coastline, standing atop a small cliff, was the Castello di Miramare.

Venice – Rain, Food and Masks

It’s two-thirty in the morning. I’m so jetlagged. I landed in Venice yesterday afternoon through thick fog and breezed through immigration, currency exchange and baggage handling. For 8 euros I got a one way bus ticket to Venice proper and changed into some jeans and a clean shirt, pulling out the trench coat Dee gave me. Thank God she did because my hoodie would not have been enough. It was only seven celcius and raining.