Trip to Agordino Dolomiti

Sunday, 2nd of April, 2017

Dream of Mountains

I woke up early and headed for the train/bus station to meet a busload of exchange students. We were headed for the mountains! You can see them from anywhere in Udine and the lights of the small villages shine at night. We pile on and I doze off to sleep again. An hour later I wake to a view I have never been able to imagine.

Eventually we arrive at Fedaia Lake. It is beautiful with water stretching far, ice still coating it in April. We’re given a cup of alcohol that is made locally with pine cones and sugar. It is thick and sweet and delicious. We walk across the dam and then down a slope that still holds snow. Snow! I haven’t seen snow since 2013 when I was in America. Many in our group had never seen it and slide uneasily about. There are snowballs and laughter and breathtaking views.

Eventually we return to the bus and head to a nearby village. A friend points out to me that the architecture is different here, almost Austrian. Where we are is on the border of Austria. When we arrive we take a stroll around a lake and someone points to the top of the mountain where a piece broke off and slid down, into the lake. There are now trees growing on it and a few buildings. Apparently, there is a church that was swallowed by the lake years ago but too much algae to swim down to see it.

It is the last day of the ski season in Italy and a huge party is underway on top of the mountains. We take the lift up to drinking, music and a crazy competition. People have worked hard on sleds themed like the Flintstones, or fast cars, etc. They ride them down a slope and see how far they can send it across a pool of water which they swim out of, shivering and blue.

We passed a couple hours hurling snowballs at each other and having a couple drinks before heading to ‘Rustico’, a bar far away from everything else in the world. There are tall trees and amazing view of the mountains there. In the evening we took the bus home, singing and laughing.



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