Melbourne, Day 1 – Aquarium

Thursday, 19th January, 2017

Melbourne is Australia’s fashion capital. This is not exactly my area but it’s still a beautiful city with a character different from Brisbane’s. They’re probably known as this because even in Summer they can get cool to chilly weather. This means they’re not trying to wear the bare legal minimum to keep cool.

From Melbourne Airport we have to take the Skybus for an exorbitant price of $35 for return ticket. After the train ticket to Brisbane Airport we’d already spent the days allowance. If you want to get around Melbourne get a MyKi Money. There are machines at every station and the airport that will spit them out. They’re like Queensland’s Go Card or Sydney’s Opal Card. Load it with money and remember to touch the scanner every time you enter or exit public transport. You can apply for a refund for whatever is left on it but it’s a lot less hassle to undershoot and top it up later if you need.

Also, Melbourn’s CBD has a great free tram system. So if you’re not going out to any of the suburbs it’s probably worth not getting one at all and utilising that.

We Found Dory

The Melbourne Aquarium is beautiful! It takes about two or three hours to stroll through. There are fish of all kinds, little insects and lizards from the marsh and an underwater tunnel. It was so beautiful walking through that, having huge rays glide over us, a shark eye us from the other side of the glass. At the end there is a room full of penguins!

The entire thing is Finding Dory themed and includes an activity book and videos for children. Depending on which ticket you’re buying you can save from $6 to $50 by booking online, even if you’re right outside their door.

More Importantly, We Found Dinner

Aimless strolling is one of my favourite activities. You can find a lot of new things and soak in the feeling of the place. Melbourne is a very busy place and has its share of homeless people. If the skyscrapers and confusingly laid out malls aren’t of interest there are plenty of street performers around who’d love to catch your attention and they’re all funny. If you stick around, after they’ve gathered a crowd, they’ll whip out their stunning tricks like taking a bag from a hook high above, taking out a banana, peeling it and breaking it in half to reveal the twenty signed by an audience member twenty minutes previously.

There  are lanes of restaurants. Each has their own small dining area and the lane has a strip of tables down its middle. We highly recommend going to Il Tempo 2 – Pizza Bar, not far from St. Paul’s Cathedral (pretty cool but they charge for photos and St. Mary’s in Sydney is way cooler). Fantastic fresh pizza and seafood spaghetti.



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