Mochi & Daifuku

Mochi is a Japanese snack I was introduced to a few years ago by a friend who is now teaching English in Japan (yay her!).

This stuff is delicious. Try it.

Mochi is a small ball of a dough-like substance filled with ice cream. Sometimes it’s filled with mousse. I think it’s called Daifuku when it’s filled with sweet red bean paste. I may be getting the terminology wrong. The ice cream one is my favourite. I may have the terminology wrong but I can recognise it when I see it on the box.

Strawberry Ice Mochi

In Minnesota I bought it at a store called Trader Joe’s. Here in Queensland it’s at almost any Asian grocery store, in a freezer. Try it.

I went out for Japanese the other day and IT WAS ON THE MENU all fancied up! (see featured image above) The green bowl on the right is iced green tea. Mochi a fantastic snack, especially if you’ve been eating spicy food. Or just want something delicious.



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