Cirque du Soleil ‘Kooza’

I saw Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Kooza’ live in Brisbane yesterday! It is an amazing experience and I 100% tell you all to go and watch Cirque du Soleil live. They have this year’s shows and tours on their website. A cheaper options is to buy or rent their shows on DVD. I was first introduced to them through a local video store (back before those became a dying species). Actually, by the same friend who showed me mochi. It’s a Quebec-based company started in 1984 and has since become a world-famous masterpiece. The full history can be found be found here.

It is an amazing experience. Funny, mind-blowing and most of it can only be described by ‘what is going on? I love it, but what is going on?’. It was like a dream that, at times, was terrifying. The acts performed kept me on the edge of my seat and, during one part in particular, there were a couple of screams. The occasional gasp when someone found their breath. That part was one of my two favourite acts, the other being the two contortionists who performed wonderfully. Two men raced on something I don’t have a name for. See the images I grabbed off the internet below (no photography was allowed in the show).

The entire audience was captivated by an experience you simply cannot get anywhere else.

All in all Cirque du Soleil is what a circus is meant to be. Absolutely stunning, wonderful and heart-pounding. It transports you to a different world not just with the acts but the showmanship as contortionists, hula-hoopers and tight-rope walkers show you what humans are capable of.



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