Why a ‘Travel for Culture’ blog?

At twenty-one years old I’ve had more international experiences than many but am nowhere near what you’d call a ‘world traveler’. I’m working on that over the next couple years.

Born in Australia and sporadically raised in America, I chose the best of either country and ran with it. Right back to warm Australia for University. (We all know Australia’s tertiary education system is better than America’s, right?) I’m happily working on two Bachelors, studying Creative Writing, Italian, Linguistics and Mandarin.

With set plans to see the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, spend five days in Indonesia, four days in Melbourne, Australia, a six month exchange to Italy, and a too-brief exploration of Europe, I hope to earn that title of ‘world traveler’ soon. In the future I’ve also got a vague plan for an exchange to China with visits to Japan and Korea.

Starting a blog has been rather forcefully suggested to my many times by members of the family and I have to admit that each time the idea grew on me. It’s amazing to have all of these experiences, even as I’m just starting out, but I always enjoy sharing my stories.

With this blog hopefully I can bring you some great pictures, stunning facts and a view of the world that is rewarding to see. It’s shocking to me every time I meet someone – and there are more than I think – who has never left the country. Some have never left their state. ‘Don’t you want to travel?’ Sometimes it’s a half-hearted yes and other times it’s a confused look like I’m the crazy one.

Well, wherever you want to be, hopefully I can show you some amazing things.


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